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2023 Fundraising Objectives

  1. APRF will solicit donations from leisure facility, equipment, and service providers (vendors), as well as other corporations to support its annual scholarship, educational, and operational programs.  Objective $2,000
  2. APRF will conduct a Silent Auction and 50/50 Raffle combination at the APRA Annual Conference  and Expo with an increased effort for larger vendor donations, gift baskets, vacation trips, event tickets, and gift cards.  Objective $6,000
  3. APRF will conduct its Texas Hold-Em Poker Tournament fundraiser at the APRA Annual Conference and Expo.  Objective $500
  4. APRF will attempt to utilize its status as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, with the assistance of potential volunteers from the APRA membership, to raise funds through use of State of Arizona Special Event Liquor Permits.  Objective $1,000
  5. APRF will use online communication to solicit funds for its Annual Giving Fund Drive as well as encourage APRA members and others to designate United Way type funds to APRF.  Objective $1,000
  6. APRF will act as a pass-through when possible.  Objective $200
  7. APRF will continually examine and be open to a variety of additional fundraisers.

Future Fundraising Objectives

The APRF Board of Directors will review and update its fundraising objectives annually in the fourth quarter, but may, if deemed pertinent, add a fundraising activity at any time.

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